Our Region’s Connector: RIDC Annual Report 2023

Our partnerships with government entities at all levels, with the communities in which our parks are located, and with the job-creating businesses that fill them are creating tangible economic benefits across our region. With active development projects at the Fairywood site in the City of Pittsburgh, Carrie Furnace, which straddles Rankin, Swissvale and Braddock, the […]

Tangible Impacts on People and Places: RIDC Annual Report 2022

There are few organizations that have had as significant and tangible an impact on the Pittsburgh region as RIDC has over its 68-year history. Thousands of jobs have been created. Hundreds of millions of dollars have been invested and hundreds of millions of dollars in new tax revenue produced. Job creating companies and entire industries […]

New Partnerships & Parks: RIDC Annual Report 2021

RIDC expanded its support, forming new partnerships in new counties, creating new financing tools, redeveloping new parks and historic spaces, as well as continued serving as a catalyst for growth in the Mon Valley and the wider region surrounding Pittsburgh. RIDC’s Annual Report 2021 can be read in full here.