Keystone Commons

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RIDC has rehabilitated several buildings of the former Westinghouse complex which now houses over 40 companies.

This former Westinghouse plant has several high-bay buildings and features the West Shop Industrial mall - a converted high-bay plant into a building with "industrial" store fronts and an indoor drive way.


RIDC began discussions with Westinghouse in 1986 to purchase the Westinghouse Electric Corporation’s East Pittsburgh site. Originally, Westinghouse proposed a lease back of the 1.2 million square-foot LRA (Large Rotating Apparatus Division) as RIDC rehabilitated the other 3 million square feet on the rest of the site. Despite numerous and costly challenges associated with the site, RIDC officially acquired the property on January 1, 1989.


RIDC’s ultimate goal for the site was to provide economic growth to the region by redeveloping a world class industrial facility. Rehabilitation of the property, now renamed Keystone Commons, was focused on specific buildings and the conversion of the overall complex into a multiuse urban industrial center. The site includes a number of multi-occupancy buildings owned and managed by RIDC for the benefit of both large and small industrial companies, as well as freestanding buildings for lease to specific industrial users seeking a good business environment.


RIDC continues to renovate buildings at Keystone Commons. For example the East Shop, a 500,000 SF high bay industrial building, underwent renovations in 2012, and RIDC recently completed major entrance infrastructure improvements. RIDC Keystone Commons houses 35 companies that employ approximately 1,100 people.  There are 2.25 million square feet of industrial, warehouse, manufacturing and office space at the site today.


RIDC-owned buildings 
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RIDC-owned land parcels

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