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June 5, 2023

KaliVir Immunotherapeutics, Inc. Extends and Expands Presence at RIDC O’Hara


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KaliVir Immunotherapeutics, Inc. Extends and Expands Presence at RIDC O’Hara

Aerial of RIDC O’Hara

O’Hara Township, PA—June 5, 2023—Regional Industrial Development Corporation of Southwestern Pennsylvania (RIDC) announced that KaliVir Immunotherapeutics, Inc., a leading cancer immunotherapy research firm, has agreed to extend and expand its presence in the Allegheny Manor II Building at RIDC O’Hara. KaliVir has signed a 10-year lease extension and is expanding from 18,550 to approximately 21,500 square feet.

“We are pleased to continue our partnership with RIDC O’Hara,” said Helena Chaye, Ph.D., J.D., CEO of KaliVir. “This lease extension will support our research and development activities as we expand and build our capabilities to bring next generation oncolytic virotherapy to cancer patients.”

“For more than 55 years, RIDC O’Hara has been home to cutting edge companies at the forefront of innovation, and today it includes a thriving life sciences cluster,” said Donald F. Smith, Jr., RIDC President. “KaliVir Immunotherapeutics is a leader in its field and one of the companies that is driving our regional economy forward. Its commitment to a long-term presence at RIDC O’Hara ensures that it will continue to create jobs in this community for the next decade.”

Among RIDC O’Hara’s other life science and medical technology occupants are Thar Pharmaceuticals, Zoll Medical Corporation, Liva Nova, Skinject, Neurolign, MEDRAD (acquired by Bayer Corporation) and CORE (The Center for Organ Recovery & Education).

About KaliVir:

KaliVir Immunotherapeutics is a privately held biotech company developing cutting-edge, multi- mechanistic oncolytic viral immunotherapy programs. The company has developed a unique vaccinia virus-based platform, Vaccinia Enhanced Template “VET” Platform, that can generate potent novel oncolytic vaccinia viruses with modifications to maximize viral replication and to enhance intravenous delivery and spread. VETTM platform utilizes the large transgene capacity of the vaccinia virus to deliver therapeutics matched to tumor immunophenotypes to stimulate patients’ immune systems and modify the tumor microenvironment. KaliVir’s oncolytic virus candidates are designed to be safe, potent and systemically deliverable to treat cancer patients across multiple tumor types. KaliVir has separate collaborations with Roche and Astellas Pharma to design and generate novel oncolytic vaccinia viruses derived from the VETTM platform. In addition, Astellas entered into a world-wide exclusive license to develop and commercialize KaliVir’s initial lead clinical candidate VET2-L2 oncolytic vaccinia virus. KaliVir is currently advancing multiple therapeutic candidates toward the clinic. For more information, please visit www.kalivir.com.

About RIDC:
The mission of the Regional Industrial Development Corporation of Southwestern PA is to catalyze and support economic growth and high-quality job creation through policy advocacy, real estate development and finance of projects that advance the public interest. A not-for-profit entity, RIDC has developed over 2,800 acres in 15 industrial and innovation parks and manages over 7 million square feet.

RIDC O’Hara is not only RIDC’s first development project—it’s one of the first planned light industrial parks in the country and has seen the launch of multiple prominent tech and life science startups. More information is available at www.ridc.org.

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