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February 24, 2023

Environmental Consulting Firm KU Resources Extends Lease in RIDC’s City Center of Duquesne



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Environmental Consulting Firm KU Resources Extends Lease in RIDC’s City Center of Duquesne

Aerial shot of RIDC’s City Center of Duquesne

Duquesne, PA—February 24, 2023—Regional Industrial Development Corporation of Southwestern Pennsylvania (RIDC) announced that KU Resources, an environmental consulting firm, has signed a five-year lease extension on the 15,000 square feet it occupies in the Linden Square building at RIDC’s City Center of Duquesne.

“KU Resources is pleased to continue our commitment to the Duquesne community,” said Michael R. Dowling, KU Resources President. “For over twenty years, RIDC has provided KU Resources with the space and opportunity to grow our business, and they’ve been instrumental in our growth by providing our employees a great and safe place to work.”

KU Resources is an innovative environmental and engineering consulting firm that focuses on environmental management and site development engineering including brownfield remediation services. Composed primarily of senior-level personnel, the company also handles project planning and management, site characterization, risk assessment, remedy planning/design, and remedy construction.

“The Mon Valley has been a focus of RIDC’s for many years and the successful properties we’ve developed have become homes to successful companies creating high-quality jobs,” said Donald F. Smith, Jr., RIDC President. “KU Resources is one of the companies that have made RIDC City Center Duquesne a great asset for the community.”

“Duquesne is a great place to do business and local officials have been strong partners in positioning their community for economic growth,” said Timothy White, RIDC Senior Vice President of Business Development and Strategy. “KU Resources’ continuing commitment to Duquesne is evidence of the success companies can have in locating and doing business there.”

About RIDC:
The mission of the Regional Industrial Development Corporation of Southwestern PA is to catalyze and support economic growth and high-quality job creation through policy advocacy, real estate development and finance of projects that advance the public interest. A not-for-profit entity, RIDC has developed over 2,800 acres in 14 industrial and innovation parks and manages over 7 million square feet. More information is available at www.ridc.org.

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Pittsburgh Business Times – Environmental consultant firm extends lease with RIDC at City Center of Duquesne