Smith’s Viewpoint: Commonwealth Needs Grand Trifecta to Close Big Deals

Pennsylvania Gov. Josh Shapiro and the state’s legislative leadership are debating a new infusion of funding for sites and buildings in the Commonwealth. This is a critical and necessary investment for Pennsylvania to be competitive. One of the main reasons we don’t attract as many large employers as we should is a shortage of sites […]

RIDC Spring Newsletter 2024

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Creating jobs in the Mon Valley: A Decades-Long Effort Bears Fruit

When RIDC acquired the former Westinghouse campus in Turtle Creek 35 years ago — intent on renovating the decaying buildings and revitalizing the abandoned site — it was the first in a series of moves over decades that have transformed several old industrial sites and provided homes for job creating companies in the Mon Valley.

Blooming from Blight: Earth Day Spotlight on Green Redevelopment in Pittsburgh

Across the Pittsburgh region, there are historic industrial sites that, while abandoned and left to blight after the fall of steel and other industries, have since been brought back to life, redeveloped and revitalized into homes for companies that are driving the innovation of today. Giving new life to old structures is in and of […]

Table of Experts: Partnerships Key to Attracting Business and Jobs to Region

“You couldn’t do a project like this without all the partners that we have,” said RIDC President Don Smith at a roundtable discussion with Jason Rigone, Executive Director of Westmoreland County Industrial Development Corporation; Rick Siger, Secretary of Pennsylvania Department of Community & Economic Development; and Victor Mroczkowski, Executive Vice President of Operations for Re:Build […]

Our Region’s Connector: RIDC Annual Report 2023

Our partnerships with government entities at all levels, with the communities in which our parks are located, and with the job-creating businesses that fill them are creating tangible economic benefits across our region. With active development projects at the Fairywood site in the City of Pittsburgh, Carrie Furnace, which straddles Rankin, Swissvale and Braddock, the […]

Partnerships Make Projects Possible

Examples of public/private partnerships between RIDC, local government and economic development officials, leveraged to bring more resources and support to the table.

Fairywood: After Success of New Ferguson Building, Another Opportunity on the Horizon

Last month’s ribbon cutting at Ferguson Enterprises’ newly constructed facility, developed by RIDC in the Fairywood neighborhood of Pittsburgh, was a milestone in a great success story. It is bringing new jobs and economic activity to a site that has been dormant since a former public housing project suffered severe storm damage more than 15 […]

Pittsburgh Economic Development Leaders Brief Legislators on the Need for Action

“We need to build consensus and support for a multi-faceted business attraction and job creation strategy for our region and the Commonwealth as a whole,” said Don Smith, RIDC President. “Pittsburgh Works Together helped us take a solid step forward in framing the issue for legislators and providing them with the information they need to craft new […]

Governor Shapiro Visits RIDC Mill 19 to Discuss New Economic Development Plan

RIDC President Donald Smith kicked off Governor Shapiro’s visit to Mill 19 today where he discussed his new economic development plan and was joined by numerous regional leaders lending their support. Media Coverage: Pittsburgh Post-Gazette – Gov. Shapiro visits Pittsburgh to outline investment priorities in state economic development plan Pittsburgh Post-Gazette (Editorial) – Editorial: Shapiro […]

U.S. Secretary of Transportation Pete Buttigieg Visits Pittsburgh

Secretary of Transportation Buttigieg was in Pittsburgh to discuss infrastructure funding and RIDCers Timothy White, Ellie Ezzell Zytka, Carissa Feeney, and Marc Weinheimer were in attendance. RIDC intern Jordan Thompson was called on for a question.

Flurry of Activity Around RIDC’s Mill 19, a Centerpiece for Hazelwood Green’s Revitalization

RIDC Mill 19 serves as an important proof of concept project, being both a pioneering development on site, but also an example of the power of great buildings in attracting great companies. It also showcases the importance of partnerships, with critical contributions from Richard King Mellon Foundation and Carnegie Mellon University enabling the project to move forward. “Build it […]

RIDC Fall Newsletter 2023

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Smith’s Viewpoint: Where Will the Next Phase of Job Growth Take Place?

When RIDC built Mill 19 at Hazelwood Green, we viewed it as a project that would have a catalytic effect on the undeveloped portion of that site and, ultimately, an economic impact that would benefit the community and the region as a whole. We’ve achieved some important milestones thus far, and more activity is in […]

Carrie Furnace Development Continues to Move Forward; Roads, Infrastructure Now in Place

Progress on Carrie Furnace’s new development continues. The infrastructure required to prepare the site for the construction of its first two tech-flex buildings, including roads, utility work and the first pad, is now in place, as are the footers and foundation for the first building. Work on interior sanitary and mechanical, electrical and plumbing lines […]

TechVibe Radio: RIDC’s Commitment to Transforming Industrial Spaces, Innovation and Sustainable Development

RIDC President Don Smith talks with the Pittsburgh Technology Council‘s TechVibe Radio to detail RIDC’s commitment to transforming industrial spaces into thriving centers for innovation and sustainable development. Smith overviews RIDC’s approach to how revitalizing large, unused properties benefits not only the companies that occupy them, but also the communities in which they are located. […]