RIDC Westmoreland

In 2010, RIDC was approached when the Sony Corporation closed its Westmoreland manufacturing facility, leaving 2.8 million square feet of vacant space and displacing thousands of workers. In partnership with Westmoreland County, RIDC has since rehabilitated the facility, now called RIDC Westmoreland, into a multi-tenant, high-growth manufacturing hub. The building has large utility capacity, direct railroad […]

Keystone Commons

After over 100 years of operation, Westinghouse closed its East Pittsburgh plant in the late 1980s. The site had incredible historical significance, not only as a supplier of 20,000 jobs, but also as the location of the first radio broadcast. The loss of the Westinghouse operation was devastating to the community. RIDC purchased the site […]

Lawrenceville Technology Center

“The rise of Robotics Row is as much about real estate as it is tech,” GeekWire noted in its reporting on the emergence of Robotics Row in Pittsburgh. “A lot of these companies need big open spaces for research, development and testing. Pittsburgh’s stock of old mills and factories provide ample opportunities for these companies to […]