Thorn Hill Industrial Park

Located in Marshall and Cranberry Townships along the border of Allegheny and Butler counties, Thorn Hill is one of the region's largest industrial parks and home to thousands of jobs.


In 1968, RIDC began discussions with Allegheny County to develop the 723-acre Thorn Hill Youth Development Center in Marshall and Cranberry Townships. Development of access roads and utilities started in late 1969, and in 1971 the United States Post Office started plans for a Bulk Mail facility on 75 acres of the park. The facility, which was projected to employ 1,000 was completed four years later. In 1973, RIDC received a commitment from the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) to relocate their headquarters from New York City to the park, where they are located to this day. In 1984, RIDC Thorn Hill was expanded to its present day total of 925 acres with the acquisition of the remaining acres of the Youth Development Center property.


With its convenient location at the intersection of Interstates 79 and 76 (PA Turnpike) as well as its access to Route 19 and Route 228, RIDC Thorn Hill grew quickly and remains a highly demanded location for businesses today.


RIDC owns three buildings in RIDC Thorn Hill Industrial Park: two multi-occupancy flex buildings and one single tenant headquarters office building - all three totaling 174,000 square feet.

Today, RIDC Thorn Hill is the largest industrial park in acreage in Southwestern Pennsylvania. There are approximately 50 acres available for development in parcels ranging in size from 4 to 26 acres. It is home to over 100 companies, including Mitsubishi Electric, Eaton, and rue21.



RIDC-Owned Buildings

*Note: Properties with active links have space available


RIDC-Owned Parcels

50 remaining for development



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