Park West Industrial Park

Located in the airport corridor off Interstate-376 Parkway West, RIDC Park West Industrial Park is home to some of the region's largest companies.


In 1976, RIDC began planning its third industrial park which was named RIDC Park West. The original 340 acres was purchased from Westinghouse Electric Corporation. The park is located between two municipalities - Findlay and North Fayette Townships. Road and utility work was completed in 1979 and development began. Some of the original businesses that located in the park were Computer Transport, Beckman Instruments, Inc., Eickhoff Inc., and National Draeger, Inc.  RIDC Park West attracted many high profile companies including Dick’s Sporting Goods, US Airways and Eaton Electrical.


Close proximity to the Pittsburgh International Airport along Interstate 376 creates an ideal location. Development of the park continues today as there are now approximately 60 acres remaining for development. RIDC Park West now consists of 500 acres and is home to over 60 companies, including ProMinent, Draeger Safety, and Cigna.  RIDC owns four buildings in the park for a total of 3,000 square feet.



RIDC-owned buildings

*Note: Properties with active links have space available

RIDC-owned parcels

40 acres remaining for development

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