RIDC Industrial Park

Current.Aerial2014 O'Hara Aerial - Rt 28RIDC's first development project, the RIDC Park, was one of the first planned industrial parks in the country in 1963. After 50 years, it is home to over 150 companies and thousands of jobs.


RIDC Industrial Park in O’Hara and Blawnox Townships was once the site of Allegheny County Workhouse Farm; a 700-acre farm that opened in 1866 and was run by prisoners of the Allegheny County Workhouse. In 1963 the RIDC, which was still in its infancy, partnered with Allegheny County to develop the farm property. Development standards were set in place to establish and maintain a level of quality for each project.


By 1965 the first RIDC industrial projects were underway. Access roads and utilities were installed and buildings for Globe Ticket Company, Clinical Products and Goerz Optical Company were under construction. At the same time, RIDC was designing their first multi-occupancy building, Townhouses for Industry. The Townhouses were designed for small companies “on the grow,” giving them a front door and short-term lease space.


By 1966 American Roller Bearing Company, Westinghouse Electric Corporation, Thrift Drug Company of America, Saurereisen Cements Company and Republic Rubber Company had all made plans to locate in the park. The infrastructure development continued to open more acres for additional industrial development opportunities.


The Allegheny Valley Expressway (Route 28) and RIDC interchange through the park was completed in 1970. The roadway provided eased access to downtown Pittsburgh and Oakland.


Today, the park is 100% developed and remains a prime real estate location in the competitive North Eastern Pittsburgh submarket. It is one of the largest industrial park in the region, housing over 3.75 million square feet of office, industrial, manufacturing and warehouse space. There are over 150 companies that are located within the park.


RIDC remains owner of ten buildings in O'Hara and also serves on the board of the RIDC Business Alliance, which advocates for issues important to employers and employees in the Industrial.


RIDC-Owned Buildings


  • 534-536 Alpha Drive, Townhouses for Industry
  • 560-564 Alpha Drive: Alpha Manor 1
  • 566-570 Alpha Drive: Alpha Manor 2
  • 100-110 Beta Drive: Beta Manor
  • 135-139 Delta Drive: Delta Manor
  • 145 Delta Drive: Delta D
  • 267-273 Kappa Drive: Kappa Manor 1
  • 259-265 Kappa Drive: Kappa Manor 2
  • 140-142 Alpha Drive: Allegheny Manor 2
  • 250 Alpha Drive: Allegheny Manor 3


RIDC-Owned Parcels

No parcels remain. The park is 100% developed.



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