Industrial Center of McKeesport

This tube and pipe facility has been redeveloped into a modern industrial park that can accommodate expanding businesses in our region.


The Industrial Center of McKeesport was once home to several metal tube and pipe mill companies. The first company was incorporated in 1869 and production started three years later, making it one of the first original steel mills along the Monongahela River. In 1901, U.S. Steel purchased the site and the ten resident companies.


U.S. Steel slowly phased out operations throughout the 1980s, and they ceased completely iin 1986. Two years prior, RIDC started working with the McKeesport Area Recovery Plan on a strategy for the distressed urban communities in the Mon Valley. In 1987 the USX Duquesne Works site was included in the redevelopment plan along with the McKeesport National Works site. In 1988, it was agreed upon that both of the USX sites would be sold to RIDC for redevelopment.


In 1989, RIDC sought bids for remediation and demolition of the McKeesport site. Working closely with the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, RIDC began work. The redevelopment of this site spurred the passing of new legislation for industrial site remediation.  Starting in 1990, phased plans for environmental remediation, selective demolition and sale of miscellaneous scrap were undertaken. Upon completion of each phase, RIDC designed and constructed new on-site access road systems and utility networks to service sites cleared for development as well as the existing buildings that were being retained and rehabilitated. Allegheny County constructed a flyover ramp to offer easier access into the industrial park.

RIDC has renovated and converted four existing buildings and has constructed two new facilities. Other privately owned buildings in the park include People's Gas and Duquesne Light.   RIDC Industrial Center of McKeesport is a 133-acre industrial park home to 8 companies, employing over 200 people. RIDC owns eight buildings totaling over 733,000 square feet.


RIDC-owned buildings

*Note: Properties with active links have space available.


RIDC-owned land parcels

41 acres remaining for development



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