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June 8, 2021

Looking Forward: RIDC Annual Report 2020

Investing in Seedling Communities & High-Tech Growth Clusters

RIDC has been a catalyst for transformational change throughout its history, in communities ranging
from Lawrenceville to Hazelwood, from Westmoreland to East Liberty—and many more. The
formula of combining Packaging, Partnerships and Patience has resulted in successes in developing
industrial parks, remediating brownfield sites, redeveloping abandoned steel mills, and building tech
flex space on spec.

In the coming year, RIDC will be exploring ways to expand that approach to distressed main streets,
nurturing the growth potential of seedling communities, and investing in high-tech growth clusters.
With our properties already home for many fast-growing technology companies, we have significant
experience and insights about what these companies need – and are developing more through those

RIDC’s Annual Report 2020 can be read in full here.