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August 30, 2017

Improvements continue at Westmoreland

Roofing replacement project continues as new construction prepares RIDC Westmoreland for Siemens

The Westmoreland roofing project continues to make headway as an anticipated 65% of the total roof will be replaced by September 30, 2017.  1,306,387 SF of 1,999,106 SF total roof will have been restored since RIDC took over the project in March 2012.

The roofing system will be an EPDM synthetic rubber roofing membrane applied to low-slope buildings such as the Westmoreland RIDC facility.  In addition, the roofing system will have a 20-year warranty once it is completely installed and accepted by RIDC.

The $5 million project is partially funded through a $2.5 million RACP grant.


Alongside of the the roofing project, a separate construction project is underway for a 60,000 sq ft expansion space for Siemens Corporation.  In addition to the new building, they will be moving  into a 230,000 sq ft space for a total of 290,000 sq ft in RIDC Westmoreland, home to 200 full-time employees. The new facility is on schedule to open in 2018.