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October 26, 2017

Donald Smith featured in Revitalization News

Guest Article: Entrepreneural, Non-Profit reuse of Abandoned Industrial Property

In early October, RIDC President, Donald Smith was published on the Revitalization News site as a guest writer. Prefacing with the economic downfall of regions after the loss of heavy-industry companies that employed thousands; Don drove into the importance of having RIDC in Western Pennsylvania to help to revitalize these regions.


“As owners of 2800-acres of land, 50 buildings and 11 industrial parks, RIDC has had a major impact on the region’s economic growth.” 


When the steel industry left Pittsburgh, the city and surrounding counties suffered economic devastation and huge steel sites turned into brownfield wastelands.  As a private nonprofit organization, RIDC has helped bring back life into towns suffering from the loss of jobs and opportunities.  One of the current projects,  Mill 19, is located on the former LTV Cokeworks site in the Hazelwood area of Pittsburgh.  It is a 265,000 square foot building that is just beginning the revitalization process.

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