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Community & History

Pittsburgh Technology Center Community and History

RIDC, together with city and state partners, transformed urban riverfront brownfield into high tech hub

Constructed in 1994 to support Pittsburgh’s emerging technology ecosystem, the Pittsburgh Technology Center, a 175,000 square foot facility, was one of the first major riverfront brownfield redevelopments in Pittsburgh. Through a partnership including RIDC, the Urban Redevelopment Authority of Pittsburgh and several institutions, the former J&L coke works was transformed into a high-tech hub. The 1000 Technology Drive building was built by RIDC in 1994 for Union Switch and Signal (now Hitachi Rail STS) and sold to Hitachi Rail STS in 2019. Construction began for 2000 Technology Drive, second building by RIDC, in 1994, was occupied November 1996, and sold to Silk & Stewart in 2014.

With the transaction to Hitachi Rail STS in 2019, RIDC no longer has any ownership position in this historic and transformational property that served as the foundation for the region’s resurgence as a tech powerhouse.

The Pittsburgh Technology Center was originally a collaboration of the Urban Redevelopment Authority of Pittsburgh, RIDC, Carnegie Mellon University, University of Pittsburgh, and several other regional and State partners. RIDC conducted the remediation and site preparation and also partnered to complete the major on-site infrastructure.  CMU and RIDC led with the first buildings on site, with Pitt following with a building.  The site is now home to nine high-tech buildings.

Pittsburgh Technology Center represents the first planned inner-city industrial development for R&D and a successful adaptive reuse of a former steel site. It serves as an example for further developments along riverfront properties.