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July 6, 2015

ALMONO Construction Start Nears

Almono is happy to announce they went out to bid on the Phase 1 infrastructure work earlier in June.  The final permits are in motion, and the team feels confident that the project will have them in hand before awarding the bid.
This project, which will include a complete street, main utility trunk, and green infrastructure, will unlock the site for development.  The design of the street has not changed since it was presented at the public community meeting last fall, and it will be a high-quality public road for multiple modes of transportation.


Almono is working with the Greater Hazelwood Community Collaborative’s workforce development committee on connecting people to careers in the trades and linking people to any open positions created as a result of the construction on the Almono site.

As long as the final permits are in hand, Almono could issue a notice to proceed to the selected contractor in early August.  The bidding schedule utilizes this year’s construction season, and the project is expected to take 18 months. Construction of buildings can take place at the same time as the Phase 1 infrastructure project, with the road opening in the Spring of 2017.


Almono is also close to publishing the final draft of an implementation plan, which built on the vision plan that was completed in 2011.  The implementation plan was shown at a community meeting in March.  It features:

  • A denser overall development – 20-year projections are for over 7,000 people working on site and over 6,000 living on site.
  • A phase 1 development plan located near the existing Mill 19 building featuring a 2-acre public plaza as well as residential and office/light industrial buildings.
  • A sustainability plan that would lead the site to be carbon neutral and one of the most sustainable large-scale brownfield developments in North America.


Almono hopes to issue a development Request For Proposals for certain Phase 1 parcels later this year.  Building construction could occur at the same time as the road construction.


Almono and RIDC have appreciated all the support and patience they have received as all parties make sure this development is done right.