Giving Forgotten Industrial Properties New Life

Technology companies, life sciences, advanced manufacturing, robotics, artificial intelligence, autonomous vehicles – today, these are the drivers of our economy. And they all need space – to start out and to grow – with flexible options for the future and a landlord that understands their needs and their vision and will partner with them as they move forward.

RIDC is not a governmental entity –
we are a private nonprofit.

We are self-sustaining, with revenues from our development projects supporting our operations. We are able to function in much the same way as other private developers, but because we are a nonprofit, we are mission driven as well as market driven. Our portfolio overall must be profitable, but we can afford to look at projects with a community’s needs in mind. We often make decisions that may not be the most profitable in the short-term, but which we believe will be beneficial to the community and will provide RIDC with the return it needs over the longer term.

While most developers cannot take a “build it and they will come” approach, our structure enables us to take on projects with an economic and industry development vision in mind. Our strong balance sheet and large portfolio of properties allows us to take on speculative projects with significant upfront costs, take a longer time horizon and be relatively flexible in our view of profitability.

Over its history, RIDC has developed industrial and business parks on about 10 greenfield and brownfield sites around southwestern Pennsylvania. We currently own over 2,800 acres of land in various industrial parks and manage over 50 buildings. There are nearly 6,000 jobs in RIDC’s tenant facilities.