RIDC Staff


Donald F. Smith, Jr., PhD
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Adarryl Dreher
Vice President, Real Estate Investments
Direct: (412) 315-6459
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Dennis Joyce
Chief Operating Officer
Direct: (412) 697-3205
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Timothy White
Senior Vice President, Development
Direct: (412) 315-6447
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William Kirk RIDC
William C. Kirk, Jr.
Director of Energy, Utilities and Sustainability
Direct: (412) 315-6450
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Jessica Brackin ([Send Email])
Development Project Manager
(412) 315-6455

Cameron Davis ([Send Email])
Leasing Manager
(412) 315-6446

Mary Donato ([Send Email])
Property Management Coordinator
(412) 315-6458

Dane Estok ([Send Email])
Project Manager
(412) 315-6445

Fred Hayes ([Send Email])
Program Manager
(412) 315-6453

Beth Hoffman ([Send Email])
Assistant Controller
(412) 315-6451

Don Johnson ([Send Email])
Senior Development Manager
(412) 697-3204

James Kelly ([Send Email])
Site Manager
(412) 315-6454

Marian Kurta ([Send Email])
Assistant Controller
(412) 315-6440

Larry Levy ([Send Email])
Senior Site Manager
(412) 867-9780

Ciara Macioce ([Send Email])
Community Development Director
(412) 315-6457

Ray Maffit ([Send Email])
Project Manager
(724) 204-9008 x112

Mark McCann ([Send Email])
Construction Project Manager
(412) 315-6456

Chris Metz ([Send Email])
Site Manager
(412) 315-6453

Kyle Owens ([Send Email])
Site Manager
(412) 315-6454

Jim Palochik ([Send Email])
Director, Construction Services
(412) 315-6452

Chris Pinelli  ([Send Email])
Assistant Vice President, Property Management
(412) 694-6710

Colleen Poremski ([Send Email])
Corporate Secretary
(412) 315-6442

W. Michael Saul ([Send Email])
Treasurer and Controller
(412) 315-6441

Reed Schoenly ([Send Email])
Financial Analyst
(412) 315-6448

Emily Sipes ([Send Email])
Leasing Manager
(412) 697-3203

Phil Strunk ([Send Email])
Director of Engineering
(412) 315-6449