RIDC Mill 19 was designed to provide a world class facility to incubate research and technology at the former Jones & McLaughlin steelworks and promote the economic transformation of the region as it continues to pivot from a 20th century industrial power to a 21st century leader in advanced manufacturing. Respecting the spirit of its prior life, the skeleton of the old mill has been mostly left intact with a balance emerging between the old patina on the historic surfaces and the new buildings nestled inside. As a former industrial steel site, once a source of high environmental pollution and ecological contamination, the transformation of the Mill into a regenerative place has focused on renewal through reduction of energy use, collection and reuse of rainwater, reduction in material resources, and the promotion of the revitalization of the ecosystem with native plants and increased biodiversity.  

You will find many of the sustainable features of the project listed here that have contributed to achieving these high aspirations. 

RIDC Mill 19

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