RIDC celebrates its 59th birthday!

Date posted: August 8, 2014

On August 8, 1955, the Regional Industrial Development Corporation was organized by several of Pittsburgh's leaders in business, labor and government.

In the incorporation documents, the purpose of the RIDC was stated: To coordinate, stimulate and promote on a non-profit basis the selective industrial expansion and diversification of the Pittsburgh region by every reasonable means in order to maintain the economic stability of the region, provide expanded opportunities for employment and improve the standard of living of the citizens of the region.

Although many know RIDC because of the business park off on Route 28, RIDC has been involved in numerous projects in every county of Southwestern Pennsylvania.

  • Over the past 59 years, RIDC has constructed or rehabbed over 60 buildings - a rate of more than one per year.
  • RIDC has taken on land development of 12 industrial, business, or technology parks.
  • A statewide leader in brownfield redevelopment, RIDC has been the developer of 8 brownfield projects which included nearly 1,000 acres.
  • RIDC has sponsored $194 million in Pennsylvania Industrial Development Authority loans for companies investing in our region.
  • RIDC administers our region's Foreign-Trade Zone, which encourages companies to manufacture products within the U.S.
  • In 2013, there were over 6,070 jobs in RIDC's facilities which contributed over $3 billion to the Pittsburgh economy.

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