Mill building transformed to robotics center

Date posted: August 27, 2014


Today I had the opportunity to visit the former Heppenstall building, aka the Blue Building, at 4501 Hatfield St in Lawrenceville where RIDC is renovating the space for Carnegie Robotics, a spin-out of the National Robotics Engineering Center (NREC).  The transformation from an older mill building to a world-class robotics innovation and production facility is truly amazing.

RIDC has provided $2 million in financial assistance to Carnegie Robotics as part of a $3 million total project budget for the renovation.  Work started late in 2013 and is wrapping up next month.

Carnegie Robotics specializes in the transition of emerging robotics from research and development to commercialization and production. They design, manufacture and support highly reliable robotics systems and components in the agricultural, mining, defense, heavy equipment, and oil and gas industries.

The build-out of space for Carnegie Robotics advances RIDC's strategy of creating a high-tech and robotics cluster in Lawrenceville to support and catalyze the NREC facility.  RIDC also owns the nearby Chocolate Factory (yes, it was a former chocolate factory), which was renovated in 2004 into a high-tech office and lab facility.  There are several high-tech tenants in that facility on 43rd street including Precision Therapeutics and RedZone Robotics.

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