Emission control manufacturer expands in McKeesport

Date posted: May 9, 2014

Entrepreneurial roots

When Bill Caputo started Bulk Conveyor eight years ago, he wanted to locate the company near his home, so he leased space from RIDC in its McKeesport Industrial Park. BCSI, Inc, which was acquired by ADA in 2012, manufactures dry-sorbent injection - sometimes referred to as a dry scrubber - for coal-fired furnaces. The product takes out byproducts like hydrochloric acid and sulfites that typical scrubbers don’t by using a powder that reacts with the polluting compounds and removes them. The process of dry-sorbent injection is the cheapest and most efficient way to get rid of the harmful compounds.

Increased Demand and Expansion

New federal clean air regulations passed in 2013 require compliance by 2016, so BCSI has been trying to keep up with the demand and has a backlog of orders all the way up until the compliance date. Last year, they embarked on an expansion and leased an additional building from RIDC to house their electrical shop. The BCSI operation is 95% self-sufficient - they do in-house engineering, electrical designing, manufacturing of control panels, welding of the containers, and product testing all at their McKeesport facility. They employ 110 people in positions such as welders, fitters, draftsmen, and laborers.

RIDC's Role

RIDC recently completed a $750,000 expansion project for BSCI. The expansion included:

  • Improvements to their Commons I facility
  • Expansion into the 27,699 sq ft Roll Shop facility
  • Installation of 5 new cranes and repairs to existing crane bay rails

The project was partially supported by a Pennsylvania Redevelopment Assistance Capital Program (RACP) grant.

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