CMU Robotics feature in Politico Magazine

Date posted: February 4, 2014

RIDC has provided support for many of the region's robotics companies featured.

CMU Robotics - and some of the companies that have spun out as a result - are the feature of a "What Works" series in Politico Magazine.   The series features an extensive article, photo essay of different robots, and interesting stuff about Pittsburgh.  RIDC is proud to be the landlord of several of the companies mentioned in the series and have a part in many of the projects along the way - driverless vehicles, the Nabisco factory, Aquion Energy, Apple, Intel, RedZone Robotics, Carnegie Robotics, and exciting sites like Lawrenceville and Hazelwood, and excited to see the amazing innovation coming out of Pittsburgh.  We look forward to working with the next CMU robotics spin-out to find space in the region!

Read more about the Politico series here.

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