Almono development progresses in 2014

Date posted: October 1, 2014

All those driving on Second Avenue this year have likely seen the progress made on the former industrial site's landscape as we work to transform it to a next-generation district. The local CBS station KDKA recently did a story on the Almono development featuring the newly-green land. (Please follow us on twitter to get the latest updates!)


A $9 million site grading project that had over 35% of minority and women-owned firm participation was recently completed. The project had the following accomplishments:

  • Moved over 800,000 cubic yards of fillDSC_0029
  • Crushed numerous foundations and driveways
  • Seeded the entire site
  • Installed 3 temporary stormwater ponds
  • Opened up the wall on Second Ave onto the site


The project is now ready to start our Phase 1 infrastructure work.  We are nearing regulatory completion of our plans and hope to mobilize the project, that includes trunk utilities and a signature boulevard extending the length of the site, before the end of the year.  The Phase 1 work will open the entire site up for development.  The boulevard will be a complete street - providing trucks, cars, buses, bikes, and pedestrians safe transportation access along the site.


Thanks in part to the efforts of Rep. Jake Wheatley’s office and a host of other supporters, Almono was recently awarded with a $400,000 grant through the Commonwealth Financing Authority (CFA) that will aid in the construction of the site’s signature boulevard’s streetscape.  Specifically, these funds will go towards pedestrian sidewalks, street trees, & stormwater management areas along the site’s primary roadway.


We continue to have lots of developer interest in the site, and once the utilities and roads are in place, we expect there will be 3-5 buildings constructed on site.  For those of you not familiar with the vision, RIDC is coordinating the development of this 178-acre site into a sustainable, mixed-use innovation district, that not only makes connections with the universities and regional employers, but also with the river and the nearby community.  The site is planned to have over 1,300 residential units, 2 million square feet of office and light industrial space, and 27 acres of open space which includes a mile of riverfront.


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